Kbin mod on a Lemmy community?
And vice versa I guess. Is it possible? Will they get reports? Messages? Can they do mod actions? I've found previously that Lemmy content on kbin gets delayed, and edits and comments don't transfer perfectly. Also there's that remote mod bug, which I hear is fixed in 18.x. Are there any other potential issues with remote mods?

delete comments?
can we completely delete comments - current only hide comments and username still visible.

Question about Defederation that I am stuck on
cross-posted from: > Using Beehaw's /c/gaming community as an example: Can someone please explain why I am still able to view this community and even see new posts? I also saw a few posts from beehaw users themselves in the last day. According to the explanation from the admins, I should be able to see posts in /c/gaming ONLY from other users, however that does not appear to be the case. I am seeing content from other instances, including beehaw. Can someone explain? > > I read the explanation for defederation like 20 times and I still don't understand. It is incredibly confusing so if someone could explain this properly, that would be great. Thanks! > > The thing I’m confused about is whether or not we should be seeing posts from anyone on /c/gaming (as an example) that’s not from Does that make sense? According to the admin’s post here, we shouldn’t, however I am still seeing a few posts that look new. Is this due to the caching issues? Because I’m definitely not seeing ALL of the new posts, just a handful. This is what i cannot seem to get a straight answer on. The below says no, however I definitely am 100% seeing posts from users on /c/[email protected]… > > > > “This won’t ever stop. You’ll notice that all posts after defederation are only from users. You won’t see posts/comments from ANY other instance (including instances that ) on communities. Those communities will quickly suck for us, as we’re only talking to other users. Your posts/comments are not being sent to any other lemmy. I highly recommend just unsubscribing from those communities, since they’re pretty pointless for us to be in right now.”

None of those instances validates anything at signup. Source: **In contrast, here's the list of the top 10 real instances based on user activity (with []( being #1, followed by and** ![]( Source:

ActivityPub: what stops a malicious actor to post from domains they don’t own?
I'm trying to better understand Activitypub and I understand that there's a signature to avoid forgeries of known accounts. However I'm having trouble understanding what prevents a malicious actor from sending a private spam message supposedly from a never before seen account name with valid generated key pair but for a domain they've never bought since there is no DNS lookup or test. Thank you!

Active users as of June 25, 2023: - []( (48k users): 13554 active users - (38k users): 4582 active users - (11k users): 3743 active users - (6.7k users): 2320 active users - []( (6.5k users): 2167 active users - (3.5k users): 1082 active users Great to see all this growth and activity in different lemmy instances! Source:

Shouldn’t all the instances show the same community content?
I'm learning about the Fediverse and am confused about how federation is supposed to work. I understand that there can be communities with the same name in different instances, with different content. But I also understand you can subscribe to another instance's community. For example, there are sysadmin commnunities at,, and (among others). If we focus on one specific community, let's say [email protected], we can find that community from any of the instances. If I go to each instance and look at [email protected] from each one, I can see the same pinned post is at the top of each one instance's view ("Calling all /r/sysadmin reddit refugees!" by DarraignTheSane). Great! However, if I look at that pinned thread from each of the three instances, the comment stream is different. The post itself is the same, but the comment thread is a mixed bag. Some comments seem to appear in multiple instances while others only in one or two, but never all three shows 11 comments shows 6 comments shows 4 comments On, the second newest comment says "Nice! It feels like home." This comment also shows up on however not on beehaw The newest comment on says "yeeey" but doesn't appear in any other instance's view of [email protected] This is just one specific example. Are you not supposed to get the same content, when looking at the same community, regardless of what instance you are logged into when viewing it? Or am I missing something?

Should I donate to my instance or the project itself?
Hey all, I just hopped on the Lemmy train, and needless to say, I'm hooked. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the corporate hellhole that Reddit has become, and I'd like to at least pay a *little* bit for it. Unfortunately, I'm a broke uni student with enough subscriptions as is, so I can really only justify a buck or two a month. This is where my indecision arises - should I donate to the instance that my account lives on, or to the LemmyNet project itself? I've been digging around, looking at operating costs and such, and I can't figure out which one needs it more (for want of a better term.) So, what are your thoughts? Or am I just *wildly* overthinking this?

For my first post on Lemmy, I present the last post I made on Reddit 11 years ago. Thank you to everyone that has made the fediverse happen.

New, Low-ranked posts continuously popping up to top of homepage
I am new to Lemmy and am struggling with a usability issue that is making it virtually unusable. Every few seconds (I am assuming every time a new post is made) a new post pops at the top of the feed, no matter what my sorting method is. This causes any post I had open to close and for all posts to bump down which means I can't easily read any headlines. When I browse all federated instances this is even worse as there are many more new posts. Is this expected behavior? How can I prevent it? I tried different sorting modes and had no luck. Any advice or pointers would be much appreciated. Also, I wasn't sure which community to post this question to so please fee free to move it if needed.

How do you feature a post?
How do you make a post so that it's featured on the front page of the community?

I know that Lemmy and Kbin can see each other’s content, but what about the other ‘form’ of site like Mastodon or Pixelfed?
Lemmy and Kbin is more forum-like or reddit-like in its discussion form while Mastodon is more twitter-like or microblogging While I know that Lemmy can see Kbin and vice versa, does this also extend to Mastodon and Pixelfed? Can I see Mastodon and Pixelfed content in Lemmy/Kbin ? and the other way around as well ? (see Lemmy and Kbin content through Mastodon or Pixelfed) I'm curious on how it works (as a layman), because on Mastodon you follow people/users not communities.

Is there a way to make something like multireddits?
On Reddit you could make a custom feeds with selected subreddits for when you wanted to focus on specific topics. Suuuuper useful for more niche stuff that gets drowned out by larger subs on the Home feed. Can we do that on Lemmy? If not can that feature be added to the requests list?

ActivityPub platforms are very different
I've been on the Mastodon for a few years now and while I knew other services existed on ActivityPub, I rarely used them and I didn't have an account on any of them until now because I thought the content would be the same because they're all federated. You can view a Lemmy post just as well on Mastodon. Now I'm finally trying out Lemmy and I'm discovering how different it is from Mastodon. Totally different content! I thought it was pretty cool to see.

Kolektiva issues statement that it will not federate with Facebook
Kolektiva was founded as a direct result of anarchist and antifascist projects being kicked off of Facebook in 2020........ will not federate with whatever Meta's future presence on the Fediverse looks like.

I didn't know there such have features separated and distinct on different subs at the OLD version of the website ~~old.******.com~~. They're conveniently informative, easy to see on a separated column rather than on a main feedbox (causing unnoticeable by floods of posts), and more engaging especially to first time visitors, feeling comfy in these communities. I don't know where I can see those in the site's MAIN version if they're still there, my bad. I urgently and passionately (I'm no IT, sorry) promote having **SEPARATED & DISTINCT FEATURES** (seems like **widgets**) here on every communities in Lemmy (apparently could be done by techy/programmer mods). I'm not sure if it's convenient when displaying on mobile devices. Hopefully, this will be especially consider to discuss at least (one of red marks to do hopefully). I'll post on the comment sections my other screenshots of features I saw. __________________________ *story time: Why I was at the OLD site* ~~old.******.com~~*?* *Once upon an afternoon, I was browsing the MAIN website on mobile web browser for popheads feeds. I cannot visit the popheads community on the MAIN website cause I have to log-in an account ~~(I've already deleted)~~ or download the app ~~(I've also deleted)~~, all just for popheads feed. I wondered the OLD website to visit, and voila, I finally went to the community on my mobile web browser—Yet surprising, I saw a somewhat a **song release date feature** (I thought of a Billboard weekly song chart anyways) on top-right of the popheads community's page on the OLD website, and* **I REALLY LIKE THAT** *. That's how I met ~~your mother jk~~ these features. Thanks for ~~wasting your time jk~~ your reading this further story time!*

I'm one of the people who has very recently tried Lemmy and decided to drop Reddit. Initially because I will no longer be able to use SyncForReddit, but now also because I just like the vibe a lot more here than Reddit. I'm not a massively technical person, but I understood the broad concept of federation - different instances/servers that sync to form a big conversation/forum of sorts. I heard a lot of people joining and saying positive things about, so I signed up there.....and that's it. But, am I using it right? Is the idea to sign up in one place and use it to participate across the LemmyVerse/FediVerse? Or should I be seeking out lots of niche instances of interest? I hear is the biggest instance. What if most people end up here, does that defeat the purpose? Is this inevitable? You need a critical mass of users, so a quiet instance with few posts is not attractive. If I search for Xbox, there are lots of empty places or places with 3 posts. If there's one big one (often ends up being in that's where I'm subscribing. How are you using Lemmy, are you participating in a bunch of instances or just one?

From 3000 daily users to 41000 active daily users! Source:


Is there currently a site that has statuses of fediverse or Lemmy instances like in the screenshot? Would be nice to know definitively if something is offline.

Granted, the warning says clearly "If you deselect Undetermined, you will not see most content", which places the onus on the individual user, as apposed to logic built into Lemmy on which posts/comments can be viewed, while also leaving it to each user to have to weed out alternate languages for their views which are incorrectly set. This is indeed leading to many posts simply not appearing (as designed and intended), which is less than ideal when trying to grow a user base/community.

cross-posted from: > Related discussion:

From **3000** daily active users on June 1, 2023 to **47500** on June 26, 2023. According to Lemmy's documentation, "An active user is someone who ***has posted or commented*** on our instance or community within the last given time frame." Sources: - - ----- EDIT: check out this link for a list of lemmy apps:

More at my website: [](http:;//

From **528k** daily comments on June 1, 2023 to **5.7 million** daily comments on June 27, 2023. Source: ----- Speaking of 3rd party apps, here's a list of all **lemmy apps** currently in development: For iOS, I'm testing Liftoff, Memmy, and Thunder. For Android, I'm testing Jerboa. What's everyone's favorite app so far?

Live-updating post list
Is there a way to turn off the auto-updating of the post list? I start reading a title and it gets bumped off screen by some new thing up top or a picture that was expanded from a thumbnail gets closed when the post list updates. Is there an option in the settings or something that can turn this off?

What happens when a community in Lemmy is left without a moderator?
cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > I am excited about the idea of Lemmy growing and having more and more active users. > > > > In my case, the most visited subreddit was r/chess, and I have tried to promote the use of[email protected] > > > > This is the lemmy chess community with the most subscribers, however I saw that it has no active moderator, the previous one corresponds to a deleted account. I see that this can be a significant obstacle to adoption, what can be done in these cases?

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