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Hey, I’ve figured it out.

First of all, if you just want to get it running just DM me your email or something and I can send you the patched files. Usually what I do to actually run the server is to run python -m http.server in the folder. If you want to patch it yourself, here’s what I did:

  • Do the save-as thing (which you’ve already figured out) and save as index.html
  • If you want to be able to use the ‘image’ theme, you have to open the Network tab in devtools, open the bg.jpg request, go into the preview tab and then right-click and save the image to the index_files folder
  • Open the tennis.js.download file in a text editor and make these changes:
    • Find and replace the text https: with http. Should only be one occurence. This was causing the page to redirect to https, which is a pain if you’re hosting locally.
    • Delete the text &&0==elkur. This code purposely bricks the scoring functionality if the page isn’t running on the creator’s domain.

Good luck

![](https://lm.thesqooid.com/pictrs/image/1d8d4e02-c543-46fb-bc65-31418de65120.jpeg) ![](https://lm.thesqooid.com/pictrs/image/281ba1c1-9480-413f-91b7-629778fcd3c4.webp) Test test test _test_ *test* ``` test ``` `test` ![](https://lm.thesqooid.com/pictrs/image/281ba1c1-9480-413f-91b7-629778fcd3c4.webp)